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A Warning

October 25, 2010

Prepare yourselves, for there will be a deliciously gory post tonight on the gruesome murder and ritual slayings of  a large family of pumpkins. That’s right, pumpkins. I know, I’m a monster.


Totem Fetish Sculpture Things Awesomeness!

October 22, 2010

My buddy Steven the Red (as I call him) is a super talented artist who also lives in Richmond Va. I have yet to find a medium he doesn’t excel at. You should definitely check out his art site . The sea monster illustrations are my favorite but the red abstract with the large blue dot is currently hanging in my library/walk through.

Anyway, my buddy Steven has a series of creepy adorable totem thingers that he made out of sculpey, feathers, twine, and things he found in ditches. They are awesome.

Since they are vaguely creepy in a HooDoo-ish type of way I decided to share them during the Halloween Blog Fest. So enjoy!

For the sake of easy I dubbed each one with a nickname which I am sure Steven will Hate. We start with…

Big Eye.

The Horseshoe.



My personal favorite, The Crow.

The Alien.

I told you they were awesome. I’m trying to talk Steven the Red into opening an Etsy shop. I feel I’m making slow but steady headway with him. Don’t you think he should take a stab at it?

The Scare List

October 20, 2010

In honor of Halloween’s approach I decided to put together a list of things that I am afraid of. 13 items for the 13 Days of Halloween.

 Most of these things are irrational I know, but screw you, I’m still afraid of them. So to begin:

  1. Most apes and monkeys. Closest natural relatives not withstanding (are we forgetting Bigfoot) they scare me to death. Especially chimps and ringtail lemurs. Yes, the fuzzy little raccoon faced, striped butt lemur. They are horrifying little creatures.
  2. Zombies. I have no interest in any movie or book that features zombies. Why? Because I like to sleep.
  3. The Dark. Pure pitched black dark. There are things in the dark we cannot see, yet they can see us.
  4. The Ocean. See above. Don’t get me wrong, I love and am fascinated by the sea but I’m still afraid of it.
  5. Clowns. When I was a kid I had a clown doll. When you wound it up it sang while it’s head spun around. Seriously, who gives that to a child.
  6. Christopher Walken. Even I don’t get this one. I just hope I never meet him and embarrass myself by running screaming from the room.
  7. ‘Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte’. The Bette Davis movie. Watch it, but do it with the lights on.
  8. Chupacabras. I don’t even want to talk about this one.
  9. Scorpions. Disgusting and lethal.
  10. Gathering Eggs from Under Setting Chickens. I’m not going to do it, don’t ask me. I will let those eggs rot.
  11. Hyenas. They are cute, adorable, have soulless black eyes, and they eat you alive. Then, they laugh at you.
  12. Ouija boards. I know of too many people, be they ghost hunters, clairvoyants, or just people who played with them as kids, who will have nothing to do with them. Horror stories. Needless to say I will not have one in my house.
  13. Rabid Wolf Spiders. Ug. I never liked spiders growing up. Then I moved to Texas. My house there was infested with jumping spiders the size of quarters and rabid wolf spider the size of biscuits. I got over my issue with most spiders but now fear all wolf spiders. Seriously, just google pictures, you’ll get it.


Image Disclaimer: These pictures are freaky and I am not responsible for any melt downs or embarrassments due to girl like shrieking or pants peeing upon viewing.

A Message from the Hellhound

October 19, 2010

Vader the Hellhound would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween Season!

Vad loves Halloween. Mom’s (me) is in a good mood, people come to visit him, lots of good food, cupcakes, and then on Halloween we throw a huge party for him. At least in his little puppy brain that’s how thing play out.

 The only part he doesn’t like is the forced participation in the Halloween dress up. Everyone dresses up, lack of thumbs is no excuse.

This is just the beginning. For the party he will have a real costume. Last year he was Dracula. MuwHaha!

See how much Vad likes his Halloween Ascot. He loves it!!

Special Note: Vader would also like you to know that he is willing to give a box of knockoff Milkbones to anyone who convinces me to take off his Ascot.

A Few Bewitching Beauties of Old

October 19, 2010

Let the 13 Days of Halloween Blog Fest begin!

Our first Halloween foray is a collection of old images of witches. 13 lovely (and not so lovely) ladies for the 13 Days of Halloween. Lucky 13!
I like old stuff, I like witchy pictures, it all goes together. Enjoy!

That’s right, Arthur Rackham!

This one is my favorite!

Oh Have I mentioned…

October 19, 2010

So the all around lovely Jon over at Me vs. College  awarded me a very nice Tri- Award. Personally I think it’s because I pimp out the adorable turtle and drop random Venture Bros. quotes. Either way.

Now, my standard procedure when I receive awards is to profusely thank the giver, inform them of my procedure, and then ignore the award. That’s right ignore it. I don’t know, they kinda remind me of chain letters a bit.

But this time I decided to acknowledge it on the blog. Why you ask? Two reasons:   1. Tehee, Jon gave me an award.  2.  I like doing the Seven Things About Me.

So Seven Things about Me:

1. I work in a craft store and that’s why I hate glitter.

2. I read, alot. A whole lot. I give more books away to thrift stores than most people buy.

3. At any given moment one of my pets is staring at me in disgust. Right now, it’s the dog’s turn.

4. Politically I am a Libertarian Conservative and don’t mind telling people no matter how shocked and upset with me they get.

5. I cease to function is not dosed with Dr Pepper at least once a day.

6. I love the Red Army Choir despite the fact I can’t speak Russian.

7. I hate chickens. They are terrible people.

So thanks Jon!!

13 Days of Halloween

October 18, 2010

I love Halloween! Love it, love it, love it! So starting tomorrow this blog is dedicated to my favorite holiday. It’ll be a whole 13 days of Halloween Blog Fest.

There will be only Halloween related items on here (I’ll be taking a break on the Sacred Happiness List). I’ll have all kids of Halloween creepies. Artwork, decor, ghost stories, and maybe some recipes. Who knows? Well I know.

So sit back and enjoy!